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Rank system

    1. Ranks are mainly a way for the officers to differentiate between players according to their raid-related role.
    2. In case a member expects a time of no activity longer than a month, they should request an officer to enter that information to their officer note. Members with a month of no activity will be demoted to Recruit, and members with two months of no activity and no note about it will be removed from the guild.
    3. Requirements for a member:
      1. Members are required to create an account on the Discord channel and change their nickname to reflect the character name in-game.
      2. Members are required to keep their general note up-to-date with gearscore/role and professions they have.
    4. Players are recognized and promoted/demoted for their positive/negative actions:
      1. Attitude within guild and outside of it – also during raids.
      2. Contributing to the Guild Vault with the goods required for raiding/gearing up of players. Most useful goods listed below.
      3. Being on-time for raids they have signed up for or contacting the officers at least 2 hours before in case they can’t attend/will be late. Warnings will be issued on the 1st and 2nd occurence of signing up and not attending a raid. Removal from guild will be considered after 3rd such action.
      4. Actions/initiatives taken for the overall good of the guild.



    1. Lord / Officer – leaders of the guild, appointed unanimously by the current officers.
    2. Core Raider – member recognized for regular raid attendance and excellent knowledge of their role and raid tactics.
    3. Raider – occasional raid attendant with decent knowledge about their class and raids.
    4. Member – regular player known in community yet not involved in raiding.
    5. Recruit – fresh recruit or novice member. Minimum period for a recruit before a promotion is 14 days.


Raiding guidelines

    1. During a raid the decisions are made by the designated raid leader(s). Repeating suggestions and discussion about matters that it has already been decided on are unwelcome.
    2. Raid leader is not to be disrupted by in-game/discord private messages at any time during a raid or preparations for it. Urgent matters should be raised towards other officers.
    3. Any concerns/complaints are to be talked about with the officers after the raid has ended.
    4. Any unnecessary talking on voice chat during encounters by persons other than raid leader/the person appointed for call-outs is strongly unwelcome.
    5. Proper enchanting and socketing the items before raids is strongly recommended. Characters may be inspected before the raids and declined an invitation in case of severe lack of proper gems and enchants.
    6. Raids are planned using Pugfinder and it is the primary source of raid invitees. In-game calendar is used only as a placeholder to let members know when raids are scheduled.