Raiding Schedule

To see our raid times, please see the Raids page.

Whilst we don’t have rules on how many raids you must attend, we ask that you only sign up if you can attend and inform the officers if there is a last minute change.

Raid Progression

You can see the guild’s raid progression below.

The 25 man ICC raids are mostly guild members with a few slots occupied by friends and pugs.

ICC (10-man)


ICC (10-man Heroic)


ICC (25-man)


ICC (25-man Heroic)


Who are we searching for?

We are currently focused on recruiting dedicated players for our ICC10/25 man raids, with a Gearscore of at least 5500.

However we are will consider inviting you even if you are leveling or gearing up for raiding.

Our current focus is on recruiting the following roles/classes (if you’re class is not listed, we are still interested!):

  • class_hunter
  • class_mage
  • class_warlock
  • class_paladin
    Prot Pally
  • class_shaman
    Resto Shammy
  • class_deathknight
    BDK Tank
  • class_druid
    Feral tank
  • class_paladin
    Holy Pally

Intersted in joining Lions Pride?

Contact one of our officers in-game or on Discord. We will talk to you and discuss with other officers whether we see you as a good fit.

Catch us in game:

  • Frejr
  • Mattaa/Maata
  • Gotfai/Gotbullets/Gotdk
  • Wolfspitz/Shiba/Keeshond

You can also hop onto our Discord channel and message any of the officers to have a chat.