Raiding Schedule

Keep in mind that raiding times especially for raids like 10-man ICC may change according to people’s preferences and their availability.

Sign-ups are collected via in-game calendar or dedicated Discord channels. Most of the loot is being rolled traditionally. In RS25 and ICC25 we loot council trinkets, sanct/hc marks, weapons and offhands.

Keep in mind that all the times listed below are in server times.

Icecrown Citadel (25-man normal)

Divided into two raid days:

  • First day – Thursday after RS25 (invites start around 17:30-17:45) with aim of 8/12.
  • Continuation – Saturday (invites starting 16:30, aim 12/12)

Almost full guild runs, we usually need to find a few PUGs to fill the free spots.

Icecrown Citadel (10-man)

We have two ICC 10-man groups which raid typically on the following days:

  • Group1: Friday (17:00 start) & Sunday (16:00-18:00)
  • Group2: Wednesday & Monday (17:00)

Sign-ups are made via in-game calendar. Officers assemble the compositions before raids, usually having in mind some players required for standby.

Ruby Sanctum (25-man normal)

Thursdays – invites start at 17:00.


Trial of the Crusader (25-man normal)

Typically on Sundays around 16:00/17:00-ish