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Guild Bank

We would like to be able to provide guildies with free raid consumables, such as flasks, buff food (fish feasts) and potions for use in our weekly raids. When you have a near piece of gear, we would like to be able to gem and enchant it!

Whilst the guild bank is currently well stocked on consumables and enchanting matts, they can be very quickly consumed!

To make this sustainable we ask that everyone does their part and contributes end game items to the guild bank, there is something that everyone can contribute.

(ordered by importance):

  • Lichbloom, Frost Lotus, Adder’s Tongue, Goldclover
  • Rhino Meat, Worm Meat, Northern Meat, Northern Spices
  • Dragonfin Angelfish, Pygmy Suckerfish, Pygmy Oil, Glacial Salmon, Musselback Sculpin, Nettlefish
  • Eternal Life, Eternal Fire
  • Epic gem transmutations by Alchemists (rare geam and primal will be provided from the guild vault)
  • Infinite Dust, Cosmic Essence, Dream Shard, Abyss Crystal
  • Blue/Green Northrend items designated for disenchanting
  • Frostweave Cloth, Frozen Orbs, Leather, Potions etc etc..