Deadly Boss Mods (4.85a, 9.03.2021)

Version adjusted to Lordaeron. Mandatory for raiding.

Most recent version also here.


Easing the life of paladins, e.g. with dedicated menu for buffs.

HealBot (

Eases up healing/buffing/dispelling. Mainly for healers, but useful for other classes.


Allows looking through your bank/mailbox/guild bank and shows amount of given items you have in tooltips.

Marco Polo

Automatically refills set amount items (e.g. reagents) when you visit a vendor. Click thumbnail to see how it works.


/mp [link item by shift+click] amount

Saved Instances

Keeps track of the raid saves and IDs of your characters.

GearScore Lite

Addon allowing measuring the theoretical quality of the player’s gear.

Ackis Recipe List

Lists recipes that you do not yet have for given professions.

Details (23rd Sept. 2020)

Advanced damage meter addon.

Mik Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT)

Allows better control of the scrolling battle text. Fixed 16.05.2021.

Aleri (3.1.3, 14th Feb 2021)

Makes guild life easier both for members and officers. Requires GearScore Lite installed.

(version 3.1.3, 14 Feb 2021)

HudMap (1.14)

Hud addon displaying information useful during raids.