Who are we?

Lions Pride is a chilled out community of people who enjoy their time hanging out in-game and doing progressive ICC raids.

 (12/12, 8 HC) Icecrown Citadel 10-man
 (12/12, 7 HC) Icecrown Citadel 25-man

Who do we need?

We are searching for reliable players to join our 10 and 25 man ICC groups.

  • class_hunter
  • class_mage
  • class_warlock
  • class_paladin
    Prot Pally
  • class_shaman
    Resto Shammy
  • class_deathknight
    BDK Tank
  • class_druid
    Feral tank
  • class_paladin
    Holy Pally

How to join?

Message one of the officers in-game or via Discord to be interviewed:

  • Frejr
  • Mattaa/Maatta
  • Gotfai/Gotbullets/Gotdk
  • Wolfspitz/Shiba/Keeshond